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New Site is Now Live!

Written by Hector Virgen
Published on February 4, 2010

I just pushed the new website to my main server -- so whatcha think?

There are still a few edges to polish but overall the basic functionality I need is in. Here's what's new:

Rebuilt from scratch.

The entire site was rebuilt using the latest conventions of the Zend Framework, including the usage of Zend_Tool and Zend_Application. This means a much cleaner architecture and I got to learn a lot about it on the way.

New Code Section.

I rebuilt the code section to make it easy for me to create code entries from the web. My previous site was admittedly lacking in this area, and I needed to SSH into my web server in order to update code samples.

Blogs Rebuilt.

The entire engine powering this blog has been rebuilt using the data mapper pattern and Zend_Acl. This makes it easier for me to maintain, meaning more features will be coming soon (like tags).

I'm also using a lot of the latest components like Zend_Navigation, Zend_Paginator, and Zend_Feed_Writer.

Overall this has been a great learning experience. The Zend Framework has come a long way since I first started using it back in the 1.0 days. Using it's new features has helped me appreciate it that much more.

Some of the things I plan on working on next are guest comment support and maybe, just maybe, tree-based comments.


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